About Lazo


Lazo Empanadas is on a mission to create empanada fanatics everywhere – beginning with you!

Our premium, savory pastries are lovingly handcrafted to enjoy as a snack or a meal. They’re easy to prepare and easy to eat on-the-go or at the table.

We use only the highest-quality, natural ingredients in our original recipes, which include beef steak, barbeque chicken, spicy chicken, ground beef, spinach & cheese, and our special chimichurri sauce.

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Good food made simple.

The Birth of Lazo

With a leap of faith and plenty of love, Christian and Karly Saber began cooking traditional Argentinian empanadas in 2012 at Rincon Argentino in Boulder, Colorado.

From opening day, Christian and Karly had to rise before dawn to make enough empanadas to fill the bellies of their customers, who regularly lined up out the door.

Rincon Argentino is now a much­-loved fixture of community culture in Boulder, offering t​raditional empanadas to their legions of fans.

Don’t live in Boulder? Cheer up!

  • Lazo Foods is now bringing these savory, delicious, handheld empanadas to you.
  • Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Christian and Karly dreamed of spreading their empanada love far and wide.
  • Naturally, they turned to family.

Meet the Lazo Family


Luis Gomez

After many years leading successful multinational companies, Luis decided to follow his passion, moving his family from Oklahoma to Colorado to start Lazo Foods. His business background allows him find great opportunities to bring Lazo empanadas into stores and restaurants, and his love for the product inspires others. Luis lives with his wife and two children in Denver and enjoys traveling, reading and sports. He hopes that Lazo can bring friends and family together as they enjoy a unique, traditional Argentinian food experience.


Francois Saber

A serial entrepreneur with many years in the fashion industry, Francois relocated his family from Argentina to pursue his passion and challenge himself one more time as he starts another company in a new country. Francois is married with two children and enjoys surfing, skiing and playing soccer. Most of all, he loves to spend time with his family and friends while enjoying great food, music, and wines. He hopes that Lazo can bring happiness and joy to everyone in the same way it brings joy to him.


Christian Saber

After creating and successfully managing Rincon Argentino, an immensely popular Argentinian restaurant in Boulder, for the past three years, Christian discovered a way to share the experience of our empanadas – Lazo. He is also married with two children and lives in Boulder. Christian loves to cook, garden and surf. He hopes to start an empanada revolution across the U.S. with Lazo.