Repulgue is a method of folding and crimping the edges of the dough to close an empanada. Well-practiced hands make it look easy, but the skill takes practice. Not only does the empanada need to look beautiful, it needs to hold the fillings in tightly so the empanada doesn’t leak or tear. The traditional braided edge is most common on baked empanadas. Empanada artisans even use the type of braid and shape of the empanada to let you know what's inside.

The skillful hands of artisan empanada makers share these steps to ensure a perfectly sealed work of empanada art!

Just Enough: Everyone wants a plump, well-stuffed empanada, but it's important not to overfill them. You'll end up with a leaky mess in the oven. Place filling in the center of the dough circle, making sure you have a clean margin of dough all the way around. Try not to spill the filling onto the edges of the dough, here’s why - the fat in the filling will make the edges of the dough slippery and they won't be able to seal together well.

Water Seal: Dip your finger...